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The Best 3 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation


Today’s world is all internet and technology. These days, in just a quick search and a click or two, potential consumers are reading the online reviews. By typing your companies name into Google, anybody can read & track your business’ performance including negative reviews which can be pointed out online.

You must protect your company’s online reputation. This 24-hour, round-the-clock process must be monitored. Negative reviews can turn away potential customers and/or vendors and reflects badly on the brand of your company.

Running a reputation management company in Las Vegas, there are ways that small-business owners can secure positive reviews by asking satisfied customers to share their experience. However, it may be too late for that to keep a positive review in the minds of your prospects.

Here are three of the best ways to improve your online reputation:

1. Respond immediately to negative/dissatisfied reviewers. The negative comments posted by a dissatisfied customer doesn’t need to be the end of that conversation. experts say some complainers might improve the review or take it down if small-business owners attempt dialogue. A client if mine is Las Vegas recently was able to turn-around a negative review on Yelp by contacting the aggravated posters. He apologized and explained the situation and he offered the people who left negative reviews a discount or a complimentary treatment. What was the result? One of the reviews was delete and the spa’s overall rating went upwards. “It needs to be taken very seriously,” my client says. It also helps that Yelp will now allow business owners to respond directly and publicly to any comment of any customer.

Be aware that a negative review can sometimes be helpful to you. For example, an online customer of an online Candy store complained after she received the incorrect gum product. It turns out that the candy wholesaler had a wrong image on the Website. This allowed the candy store to immediately fix this error.

2. Feed search engines with content you can control. Use the reach of digital media to your full advantage, says Jordan Dove, founder of Dove Global Media LLC, a Las Vegas search engine optimization and digital media company. “Putting good publicity on top to knock bad publicity off the first page of the search engine results,” says Dove. To do that, releasing press releases through pr.com and various sites with high PR and building up your social media account since these tend to show up high on search results. “The overall strategy is tweaking the Google results with as much positive or neutral content as possible so that the bad seems like it is uncommon.”

3. Reach out to bloggers to review your company, product or services. Utilizing other’s to weigh their own opinion can be extremely effective when it comes to counteracting negative content. Influential bloggers in your particular niche can bring your company instant credibility. If you already know of bloggers in your industry, develop relationships and alert them to news about your products or services. A quality site to reach out to guest bloggers is www.MyBlogGuest.com.

Write to Jordan Dove: j.dove@doveglobalmedia.com

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